Acquisitions Product


Brand Refresh


Resident Experience — Leasing, payment, and maintenance request


Origin — Property management

Darwin Homes (Acquired by Pagaya)

2021 — Present

Head of Design


An opportunity in every home, for everyone. We are making renting easy for renters with our tech-driven, mobile-equipped application that provides trusted, 24/7 support. For investors, we build cutting-edge technology that leverages data and AI to build acquisition, renovations, and property management tools.

Currently, we are tackling how to make rental property investment simple from start to finish.


  • Grew a team of talented designers and design leaders, providing mentorship and fostering a collaborative work culture that resulted in best-in-class product experience that productized verticals through innovative solutions
  • Led the creation and implementation of a cohesive experience vision across all product verticals, resulting in a streamlined and intuitive user experience that drove user efficiencies and enabled resident satisfaction
  • Oversaw the development and execution of brand efforts, including branding strategy, brand identity, and marketing materials, resulting in increased brand recognition and a highly differentiated brand presence
  • Building the experience of a 0-1 product, utilizing data models and machine learning to disrupt the current landscape of real estate acquisitions, and becoming the go-to for end-to-end real estate investment needs

Focus Areas

Roadmap and effort are divided into proactive and reactive initiatives, where a significant amount of energy is spent on defining and reworking major portal infrastructure, pipelines, and resident support gaps.

Origin 2.0

Property management software


0-1 real estate software

Brand Refresh

Messaging and visual identity


Marketing communication

Leasing Scam


Strategy and Ecosystem

Product leadership

Design Principles

Principles were defined through an understanding our users' needs, jobs-to-be-done, and behaviors.

  1. Data Transparency and Accuracy
  2. Ease of Action and Progression
  3. Clear Visual Hierarchy of Content


While we are continuously achieving performance and goals, here are some that have happened recently

Homes on Platform

A YoY increase of owners opting to use Darwin as their property management provider

Acquisition with Pagaya

After building a product that tackles the tedious, but necessary task of property management, it has gained enough recognition to be acquired.